Programs and tools:

  • VS Code is my favourite code editor / IDE at the moment.
  • Notepad++ remains my text editor of choice. Fast, snappy and expendably by using plugins!
  • Notion is my goto note keeping tool. It allows you to take notes and a them together.
  • Git-Fork is my favourite git GUI client.
  • Photoshop. Still using photoshop for any image editing purposes, but it gets the job done. Really want to have a look at Affinity Designer or Gimp as alternatives once I have the time
  • Figma for when I want to make a quick mockup of a website/app interface.
  • K6 to load test API's and web application
  • WizTree to quickly analyze disk usage on Windows devices
  • Postman to mock API calls and set up monitors
  • OhMyPosh is a theme engine shell to add some flair to your favourite shell.
  • Vercel makes deployments so easy!